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Benergy Pic Logo

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APEX has a strategic partnership with Brompton Energy (BE) to augment front-end loading (FEL) engineering and to provide innovative solutions using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics. The low-power BE Edge Controller and BE IoT smart sensors help clients achieve Industry 4.0 digital transformation, reduce costs, and be competitive in a changing digital landscape.

This partnership also includes the UK-based Brompton AI, LLC. This company focuses on Energy Management Solutions (EMSs), artificial intelligence, HVAC systems, and chiller optimization.

Through partnerships, APEX is able to provide battery energy storage system (BESS) solutions. The configurable BESS is composed of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery strings, integrated power conversion systems (PCS), clean agent fire suppression, HVAC, and other Balance of Plant. It adopts an advanced energy management system with high-quality monitoring and control functions to ensure that the whole system operates safely, reliably, and efficiently.

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